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business and commercial law

General Business and Commercial Law

Whether you’re starting a business, purchasing a franchise, or a business owner seeking a building for expansion, CJD Law Firm has the skills and commitment necessary to represent your business. We bring a legal perspective that comes with years of successful counsel and litigation in all types of business organizations and commercial law.

commercial and estate litigation

Commercial Litigation and Contract Disputes

It takes a skilled and experienced attorney to be knowledgeable in commercial and estate contract litigation. CJD Law Firm helps you navigate all areas of commercial and contract litigation matters. We have years of experience litigating disputes involving the interpretation, application, and enforcement of contracts, service agreements, and other commercial instruments. We will represent you in pursuit of an efficient and decisive resolution for your case.

immigration law


We know that immigration law can be complicated and often impacts the entire family. You don’t have to deal with immigration issues alone. CJD Law Firm is the immigration law office that can help you and your family deal with an array of immigration issues. We’ll guide you through the process and help you understand your rights under the U.S. immigration laws. Our firm has handled countless cases for clients dealing with diverse immigration issues.

insurance law

Insurance Law

Our goal, at CJD Law Firm, is to represent your business interest and provide competent and experienced counsel in matters of insurance law. State law is the governing force behind insurance regulations. Whether operating in Arkansas at a local or national level, we understand the state’s insurance laws and can successfully advise and represent your case.

divorce lawyer

Labor and Employment Law

CJD Law Firm is well-versed in representing employers in disputes with employees and can defend your company or large institution in all types of employment-related litigation. We alert you to new or revised employment laws. CJD Law Firm also helps establish risk and compliance programs aimed at preventing and resolving workplace issues. Our team is committed to providing experienced legal counsel, including being proactive on your behalf.

medical and dental malpractice lawyer

Medical and Dental Malpractice

We represent a wide range of healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses, chiropractors, dentists, mental health professionals, facilities, as well as many other medical specialists. Our defense lawyers at CJD Law Firm rank among the top-rated medical malpractice attorneys in Northwest Arkansas.

Nursing Home Negligence Defense

Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home negligence is complicated. At CJD Law Firm, we have decades of experience assisting nursing homes and long-term care providers in navigating complex, high-stakes cases in every stage of litigation. We will aggressively defend your case against liability claims and protect your interests and the interests of the facility

defense attorney near me

Premises Liability Defense

At CJD Law Firm, we understand that not all serious personal injuries are the result of a client’s negligence. We work hard to defend you against premises liability actions arising out of accidents that may have occurred on your property. Let our law firm’s comprehensive knowledge of the pertinent case and necessary litigation strategies benefit you. We welcome the opportunity to defend your case.

personal injury defense

Personal Injury Defense

Personal injury or accident claims can be devastating to both your personal and business’ operations. When an injury claim is pursued against you, our personal injury defense lawyers are ready to step in with capable and experienced legal counsel. We want you to have complete peace of mind, leaving the job of defending you and/or your business to us so that you can remain focused on other important aspects of life and business.

professional liability defense

Professional Liability

When professionals are threatened with or face litigation, CJD Law Firm has the expertise needed to provide a vigorous defense. We understand the unique challenges and issues presented in such claims. Our team is equipped and experienced to handle all aspects of professional liability defense, and are well qualified to handle sensitive confidentiality issues. We will work closely with you to develop a litigation strategy that gives you the best chance of reaching your desired outcome.

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