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Winning a personal injury case requires more than just legal know-how. It’s also about the ability to successfully conduct extensive investigations and utilize procedural rules of discovery to gather all the facts. Our defense team analyzes each case to determine the most effective course of action to achieve a favorable resolution and then develops and implements a litigation strategy as a path to success.

Our litigation attorneys have extensive experience representing insurers and their insureds in personal injury and property damage claims through mediation, arbitration, and jury trial litigation.  CJD Law firm attorneys have successfully litigated personal injury cases arising out of a wide variety of incidents or occurrences, including motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, fires, and other serious accidents involving catastrophic injuries or death.

When involved in a personal injury dispute, it’s important to seek a highly experienced personal injury defense lawyer with a trustworthy background and proven history of success. We can provide you with personalized legal representation based on your unique situation. The attorneys at CJD Firm are committed to protecting your best interests. 

We are more than just a defense team. Our firm takes a comprehensive approach to meeting your needs. 

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