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Defense for Insurers & Their Insured

Interpreting, understanding, and applying the express language of an insurance policy, along with any accompanying riders, endorsements, amendments, and/or exclusions, can be an overwhelming complex process.

Whether you are a policy holder in a dispute with the insurance company over the availability of coverage or applicability of an exclusion, or are a claims adjuster looking for an experienced attorney to draft a coverage opinion or pursue a declaratory judgment action, the attorneys at CJD Law Firm can help you achieve the best possible result. Our experienced legal team offers effective representation and knowledgeable advice.

CJD Law Firm’s attorneys have experience representing insurance companies and policy holders in a wide variety of insurance law matters and coverage issues, including: 

  • Declaratory Judgment Actions
  • Reservation of Rights 
  • General Coverage Questions (Areas of Theft, Permissive Use, Excluded and Included Events, Loss Limitations, Intentional vs. Unintentional Acts)
  • Verbal Tortious Conduct
  • Business Conduct
  • Stacking Policies/Anti-Stacking Provisions
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Protection 
  • Policy Language Construction
  • Bad Faith Denial Claims

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