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Protection Against Premises Liability Claims

Premises liability cases typically follow an accident or incident that occurs on privately owned property, whether that property is primarily used for personal enjoyment or business operations. The fact patterns of these types of claims can include everything from the most mundane slip-and-fall with minor injury, to a major industrial accident that results in catastrophic injuries and/or death. 

Whatever the circumstances may be, facing litigation of this nature can be stressful.  CJD Law Firm litigation attorneys are here to handle your case so you can have peace of mind and focus on other important aspects of life or business.

A lawsuit of this nature will likely be a considerable expense, whether you win or lose.  In some cases, there is insurance coverage which provides the cost of defending the suit.  In other cases, there is no such coverage and it falls upon the individual property owner to foot the bill.  CJD Law Firm’s litigation attorneys have handled premises liability cases in both contexts.  Either way, our attorneys are committed to successfully defending our clients and helping those clients keep their business and its reputation intact during the course of litigation. We have the experience and knowledge you have from a premises liability attorney to aggressively represent you or your company if or when that need arises.

CJD Law Firm attorneys conduct thorough investigations of accident scenes, work with skilled professionals, as well as forensic and subject matter experts, to assess your liability, if any, and minimize your potential exposure. We work diligently to reach the most effective resolution for each client, in an effort to prevent further disruption of your life and/or business operations. If need be, our attorneys are experienced litigators equipped to take the case to trial. 

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