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Defense For Your Nursing Home Facility

Are you faced with allegations of negligence, abuse, neglect, wrongful death, or regulatory agency violations? You want a team on your side with a proven track record of success and trial experience litigating these matters. 

The CJD Law Firm attorneys understand the unique concerns and issues involved in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. A growing population of aging people means an increased need for specialized care, which leads to more facilities opening each year. Consequently, there is also an increase in cases alleging negligence.

We continually evaluate claims and strategies for early resolution, when appropriate,  while aggressively pursuing the matter in anticipation of a trial. 

Our attorneys are experienced in all types of claims that arise in the field of nursing home and long-term care facilities. We offer valuable counsel, insight, litigation experience, and perspective to the process. Whether through settlement, arbitration, or litigation, our attorneys provide prompt investigation and claim evaluation toward a resolution. 

Whether it be a resident who has fallen, an allegation of neglect, or an unexplained injury, we recognize that injuries can occur even with care and treatment that far exceed the standard of care. Our firm is attentive to the evolving nature of nursing homes and long-term care. CJD Law Firm will vigorously defend your facility, staff, and administrators.

Nursing home residents and their families may file suit against the same facilities and staff that have provided loving care for, in some cases, many years. At times, residents and their families may perceive a lack of attention when there has been none. At CJD Law Firm, our defense attorneys provide a strong defense to these types of claims and lawsuits. We understand that an adverse outcome or trial may damage a facility’s reputation for years to come. That’s why we work hard to develop a specific litigation strategy in each case, individualized and designed for the best chance of realizing the client’s desired outcome.

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